Product announcement CPU 1515SP PC2 T and CPU 1515SP PC2 TF

The range of SIMATIC S7-1500 T-CPUs will be expanded with the CPU 1515SP PC2 T and CPU1515SP PC2 TF Open Controllers, which combine standard, safety and motion control functionality in one device.  These are based on the new hardware of the CPU 1515SP PC2 Open Controller, and thus combine the advantages of advanced motion control functionality with an integrated Windows environment.
Previous motion control functions, such as absolute gearing and camming, are now joined by kinematics control with up to four interpolating axes as required, for example, for pick-and-place tasks. The system offers predefined kinematics, such as cartesian portals, roller pickers, SCARA robots, and delta pickers. A free transformation interface allows seamless integration into the user’s kinematics.
Users parameterize the kinematics with a graphically supported and intuitively operable configuration editor, and program the movements in space in the usual SIMATIC STEP 7 programming environment via standardized function modules in accordance with PLCopen.

In combination with the servodrive systems SINAMICS V90 (with Profinet), SINAMICS S210, and SINAMICS S120 even sophisticated motion control tasks can be accomplished efficiently