Distributed Controller based on SIMATIC ET 200SP


Communication processors for SIMATIC ET 200SP

The ET 200SP distributed I/O system is being expanded by three different communication processors (CP) that can be operated in combination with the ET 200SP CPU 1510SP-1 PN, 1512SP-1 PN, 1510SP (F)-1 PN and 1512SP (F)-1 PN.
The ET 200SP CPs offer an additional communication interface (with 2 ports over BusAdapter) for the ET 200SP system.

CP 1542SP-1
Basic CP version for network separation with additional IP address for the ET 200SP CPU system

CP 1542SP-1 IRC
Industrial Remote Communication CP version for telecontrol applications, DNP3, IEC60870-5-104, TeleControl Basic

CP 1543SP-1
Security Integrated CP version (IPsec, firewall) for cell protection tasks

For PROFIBUS networks there is a ET 200SP communication module available.
The CM DP module extends the CPU 1510SP-1 PN / 1512SP-1 PN to include a PROFIBUS DP interface at up to 12 Mbit/s. Which enables either a lower-level or a higher-level PROFIBUS DP line to be established.


  • Network separation through additional Industrial Ethernet interface in the ET 200SP system and reduced load on the CPU due to separate processor performance in the CP

  • S7 communication, S7 routing, PG/OP, T-COM and open Ethernet communication (TCP/IP, UDP, ISO-on-TCP)

  • ET 200SP system with different communication requirements can be implemented and expanded quickly through fitting of appropriate CP

  • Support of all available BusAdapters

  • The ET 200SP CPU can be operated simultaneously with CM DP and BA Send modules and the CP

  • Two CPs can be operated on each CPU

  • Access to CPU Web server over the CP for information, status and diagnostic

  • IPv6 support

SIMATIC ET 200SP CPs are characterized by a variable and modular station design. The CPs are integrated into the ET 200SP system by means of an internal backplane bus. In addition, the ET 200SP CPs can be operated simultaneously with CM DP and BA Send modules.

SIMATIC ET 200SP station with communication processor