Versatility for each automation task

Integrated technology functions for counting and measuring tasks, control and motion control make the SIMATIC S7-1200 a versatile system, perfectly suited to many automation tasks.

PID control

The SIMATIC S7-1200 offers integrated compact controllers for manifold control-specific tasks:
Universally deployable PID controllers for actuators with continuous or pulse-width modulated actuating signals, step controllers and a special temperature controller for active heating and cooling of a process.

The controllers are configured via technology objects in SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic, which offer well-structured configuration and commissioning masks.

All controllers offer a multi-level self-tuning process for automatic determining of the controller parameters. The course of auto-tuning can be monitored at all times through the integrated trend graphics.

The controllers are identical for S7-1200 and S7-1500 and thus allow simple program porting.

Video Technology Automation Tasks 1

Technology: AT 1 - Simple PID Commissioning

Simple PID Commissioning can be a huge advantage for any engineer, because you can quickly and efficiently configure and commission your PID loops.  That way, you can focus on your application and not how to program it saving you valuable engineering time.

Technology: Automation Task 2 -Applying and visualizing PID

Technology: AT 2 - Applying and visualizing PID

The ability to easily program and visualize a PID loop can be a huge advantage for any engineer, because it allows you to focus on your process and not on how to apply PID loops in your program.

Motion Control Function

Motion control functions

The SIMATIC S7-1200 offers positioning functionality for controlled and position-controlled axes. This allows stepper motor drives, frequency converters or servo drives to be operated at the S7-1200 via the integrated pulse interfaces, analog outputs or PROFINET / PROFIBUS. Incremental position encoders can be read in via the integrated high speed counters.

Further functions are absolute and relative movements, referencing and jogging mode as well travel profiles for stepper drives.  All functions can be mapped easily with the PLCopen-conform Motion Control function blocks that are contained in the SIMATIC STEP 7 Basic Engineering System.

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SIMATIC S7-1200: AT 7 - Simple Motion Commissioning

Simple motion commissioning can be a huge advantage for any engineer; especially when you can quickly and efficiently configure your motion profile for testing your drive instead of programming your linear axis with time consuming code.

High speed inputs and outputs

The SIMATIC S7-1200 disposes of high-speed counters for frequencies up to 1 MHz. This allows the connection of incremental encoders, rapid detection of process events or the measuring of the frequency.

The high-speed outputs can function either as frequency outputs (PTO – Pulse Train Output), for example to control step drives, or as pulse-width modulated (PWM) outputs.

With the additional 5V Line Driver output the new SIMATIC S7-1217C disposes of more drive connection possibilities.


All CPUs support the TRACE functionality. User programs and motion applications can be diagnosed precisely and drives can be optimized.