TIA Security

Protection against unauthorized code or process value changes ensures higher availability during operation.  Know-how protection, copy protection and access protection prevent opening and duplicating of blocks by unauthorized persons and protect your algorithm or process. These security functionalities are integrated in the S7-1200 and in the TIA Portal.

Know-how protection

Algorithms can be protected against unauthorized access and modifications. Machines are protected from replication and your investments are protected.

Copy protection

On the SIMATIC Memory Card, individual blocks are linked to the serial number of the original memory card. This means that programs cannot be copied.
They will only run with the intended memory card.

Access protection

The access protection functionality offers security against unauthorized project-planning changes. Permission levels can be used to grant separate rights to different user groups. Security CP 1543-1 gives enhanced access protection via an integrated firewall.

Manipulation protection

The system helps to protect the data being transmitted to the controller from unauthorized manipulation.
The controller recognizes when a transmission of engineering data has been changed or comes from an unknown source.