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Scalability and flexibility for each application

Scalability and flexibility of the application are achieved through the integrated PROFINET interface for the programming, HMI connections, distributed peripherals and distributed drives. CPU-to-CPU as well as master-slave architectures can also be implemented rapidly and simply through I-Device. PROFIBUS, Modbus RTU/TCP, CANopen and TCP/IP are available for the open communication. Remote stations can also be connected through the GPRS module.

PROFINET communication

The SIMATIC S7-1200 provides an integrated PROFINET interface, high-performance and integrated technology functions as well as a highly flexible and scalable design. This allows simple communication, efficient solutions for technological tasks and perfect focus on individual requirements in automation in a diversified field of application.


Through the I-Device PROFINET allows not only communication with the subordinate devices such as IO controllers, but also IO communication to other superior or central control systems as an IO-Device.

I-Device allows very simple and rapid controller-to-controller communication that can take place simultaneously and on a bus. With I-Device it is possible to access the IO address via the PROFINET IO protocol without the use of of PN/PN couplers. I-Device also allows full system access in the entire network.


With its comprehensive telecontrol range, Siemens provides the perfect solution to the growing demand for availability and efficiency. Thanks to the latest telecontrol technology, automated plants that are located far away from the control center can be efficiently monitored and controlled.

TeleControl Basic

Siemens TeleControl Basic enables the monitoring and supervision of remote machines and plants using secure communication via mobile radio or the internet. The remote system for simple applications connects the control center to the sub-stations that are based on SIMATIC S7-1200.

Der Anschluss an die Leitstelle mit der Leitstellensoftware TeleControl Server Basic V3 erfolgt über entsprechende Mobilfunknetze. Der neue CP 1243-7 ergänzt das TeleControl Basic Produktportfolio um die Remote Kommunikation über Mobilfunknetze der 4. Generation (LTE).
Dies ermöglicht den Einsatz auch in Regionen, in denen das bisherige GSM Mobilfunknetz mit GPRS nicht zur Verfügung steht. Vorteile der LTE-Mobilfunktechnik sind höhere Datenraten sowie zusätzliche Unterstützung von UMTS und GPRS.

TeleControl Professional

For extensive telecontrol solutions with a high level of automation; the system supports a host of network topologies and communication media.

Both solutions can be used independently or combined with each other. The Siemens range encompasses a wide selection of perfectly matched system components and solutions for the control center, outstations and the network.

Our solutions for Telecontrol are based on SIMATIC, the leading automation system worldwide – and are therefore a part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), our open system architecture for plant-wide, uniform automation. TIA stands for the perfect interaction of all implemented components – and therefore creates a firm basis for a sustained increase in productivity.