SIMATIC S7-1200 Special modules


A continuous communication down to the lowest field level ensures enhanced use of the functions and performance capability of sensors and actuators. Enhanced use of sensors and actuators allows you to operate your machines and plants more productively.

No data other than the actual process value can be exchanged via the standard interfaces (digital, analog) used at the sensor/actuator level. Sensors and actuators with integrated intelligence are now used for increasingly complex functions and require a communication interface tailored to these requirements.

IO-Link is an innovative, point-to-point communication interface for the sensor/actuator area that is specified in IEC 61131-9.

IO-Link consists of the following system components:

  • IO-Link Master

  • IO-Link Device

  • Unshielded 3-wire standard cable

  • Engineering tool for configuring and assigning parameters of IO-Link

IO-Link Master module SM 1278

  • IO-Link master in accordance with IO-Link specification V1.1

  • Serial communication with 4 channels

  • Connection of 4 IO-Link devices per module (three-wire connection) or

  • Connection of 4 standard 24 V DC actuators


Use in

Article no.

IO-LINK Master module SM 1278,
 4 X IO-LINK Master IO-LINK master V1.1


6ES7 278-4BD32-0XB0