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Signal Boards

Mounting a signalboard to a S7-1200 CPU

Signal boards are connected directly to the front of the CPU. They can be used where space is limited or if only a few additional inputs/outputs are required.

  • Each S7-1200 CPU can be modularly expanded by a signal board.

  • This does not increase the mounting space required for the controller.

  • The portfolio includes digital inputs, digital outputs, mixed digital IOs, analog inputs and analog outputs.

Or browse through the image gallery to see how easily signal boards are mounted:

Montage eines Signalboards auf einer S7-1200 Zentralbaugruppe

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    Signal Board

    Article No.

    SB 1221 - Digital Inputs


    SB 1222 - Digital outputs

    SB 1223 - Digital I/O


    SB 1231 - Analog inputs

    SB 1232 - Analog outputs