Function modules

S7-400 Function modules


The multi-facetted module range of S7-400 allows modular customization to suit the most varied tasks.
Apart from the CPUs with integrated functions and interfaces, there is a wide range of special modules in S7-400 design for technology.

Range of application

  • Wood, glass, stone and metal processing

  • Packaging machines

  • Presses

  • General machine manufacturing

  • Machine tools

  • Textile machines

  • Rubber and plastic industry

  • Plants


  • High degree of accuracy and dynamic response

  • Specialized and universal modules with a wide range of functions

  • CPU is not involved since the functionality is stored in the firmware of each module

  • Quick reaction times (deterministic dynamic response)

  • Engineering with configuring tool, integrated into STEP 7

Design and function

Function modules are intelligent modules that independently execute the technological tasks and thus reduce the load on the CPU. They are used when a high level of accuracy and dynamic response is required.

Technische Daten

SIMATIC S7-300 and S7-400 function modules technology overview