Positioning Module FM 453

For control of servomotors and stepper motors


The 3-channel FM 453 positioning module is suitable for a broad spectrum of positioning tasks with stepper and servo motors.
Rotary and linear axes can be traversed absolutely or relatively.
The module can be used for simple point-to-point positioning tasks as well as for complex traverse profiles with the highest demands for dynamic response, accuracy, and velocity through to multi-axis applications.
Application examples include positioning infeed axes, positioning axes, setup axes, operating axes, production axes, and transport axes.

Autonomous positioning of the stepper and servo motors takes the load off the CPU of the automation system.
FM STEPDRIVE and SIMOSTEP stepper motors perfectly complement stepper motor axes. The same applies for servo motor axes with SIMODRIVE 611 Universal or MASTERDRIVES MC/VC and 1FT6-/1FK6-/1FK7 servo motors.   

The main functions performed by stepper and servo motors include:

  • Automatic mode:     
    Execution of complex positioning profiles (traverse programs) continuously or also step by step. The traverse programs can be loaded during operation

  • MDI/MDI on-the-fly   

  • Jog/setup