Fail-safe CPUs

Fail-safe S7-400 CPUs


The fail-safe SIMATIC controllers are available for ensuring the functional safety of machines or plants. They meet maximum safety requirements and thus facilitate compliance with relevant standards: EN 954-1 up to Cat. 4, IEC 62061 up to SIL 3, and EN ISO 13849 up to
PL e. As standard and safety programs can be processed simultanously, only one CPU is required to carry out both tasks.


Failsafe CPU for the medium performance range with PROFINET functionality

  • RAM 4 MB

  • MPI/PROFIBUS DP-Master-Interface

  • pluggable PROFIBUS DP-Interface

  • PROFINET Interface with 2 ports

  • Memory Card slot

SIMATIC S7-400 CPU 416F-2

Failsafe entry CPU for the upper performance range

  • RAM 5,6 MB

  • MPI/PROFIBUS DP-Master-Interface

  • additional PROFIBUS DP-Interface

  • Memory Card slot


Standard CPU for the upper performance range with PROFINET functionality

  • RAM 11,2 MB

  • MPI/PROFIBUS DP-Master-Interface

  • additional PROFIBUS DP-Interface

  • additional PROFINET Interface

  • Slot for additional IF-Module

  • Memory Card slot

Area of application

  • Automotive industry

  • General mechanical engineering

  • Special-purpose machine manufacturing

  • Series machine manufacturing, OEM

  • Plastics processing

  • Packaging industry

  • Food, beverages and tobacco industries


Reduction of stock-keeping by saving components

  • One controller for standard and safety automation
    - Coexistence of standard and safety programs on one controller possible

  • One PROFIBUS or PROFINET transmitting medium for standard and safety communication to SIL 3/Category 4
    - One distributed I/O configuration with standard and safety I/O modules

Fast system configuration and commissioning

  • Better system integration
    - Uniform engineering for standard and safety control component
    - Use of existing PROFIBUS or PROFINET transmitting medium even for safety
    - Simple expansion of existing PROFIBUS architectures about PROFINET, p.ex. via IE/PB-
    Link (SIMATIC NET)

More flexibility

  • The logic of the safety functions is software-based rather than hard-wired
    - More easily modified, expanded and documented
    - Implementation of complex safety functions

Faster reproducibility

  • In contrast to the hardware solution, the software solution can be easily reproduced

  • Approved, certified solutions can often be used as self-contained blocks

Better retent of plant availability

  • Early fault detection thanks to better diagnostic functions

Investment security

  • Easy migration from PROFIBUS to PROFINET

Investment security

Design and functions

Because of its performance power, the safety SIMATIC S7-400F CPU is predestined for meeting the demands of the highest performance range. Both standard and safety-relevant tasks can be performed with only one CPU. Multiprocessor operation is also possible.
The SIMATIC S7-400F CPUs can be expanded in distributed configurations with the safety I/O modules of the ET 200S, ET 200M, ET 200pro (IP67) or the safety digital block peripheral device ET 200eco (IP67).
The F-modules can be connected by the integrated interfaces or by communication processors (CPs).