CPUs for demanding tasks

There is a graded range of CPUs from the entry-level CPU right up to the high-performance CPU for configuring the controller. All CPUs control large quantity structures; several CPUs can work together in a multicomputing configuration to boost performance. Thanks to their high processing speed and deterministic response times, the CPUs enable short machine cycle times.

The different CPUs are distinguished by, for example, work memory, address range, number of connections and execution time. As well as the standard CPUs, there are also two failsafe and three fault-tolerant CPUs available.

With the Version 7 the continuous advancement of the series will be continued. Among others, storage, performance and quantity structure have been innovated. Furthermore the focus was on the new expansion of the Profinet communication performance.
The complementary systems are still the high-end controller for all industries.

See also: AS 410 the system with CPU 410-5H for optimized use with SIMATIC PCS 7.

Technical data

Technische Daten S7-400 CPUs