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S7-400 Communication processors

Modules overview


Communication processors are used for connecting S7-400 to the different bussystems / communication networks as well for point-to- point link.

Point-to-point connection
Point-to-point link via communications processors (CPs) is an extremely powerful and low-cost alternative to bus systems. The advantage of point-to-point links over bus systems is especially pronounced when only a few (RS 485) devices are to be connected to the SIMATIC S7.
The CPs can also easily link third-party systems to the SIMATIC S7. Thanks to the great flexibility of the CPs, different physical transmission media, transmission rates or even customized transmission protocols can be implemented. For each CP, there is a configuring package on CD with electronic manual, parameterization screen forms and standard function blocks for communication between the CPU and the CP. The configuration data are stored in a system block and backed up in the CPU. When modules are replaced, the new module is therefore immediately ready for use.
With the S7-400 point-to-point link modules, adaptation to the physical transmission media is achieved by plugging in the relevant interface submodules, without the need for external converters.


Communication modules allow connection of the SIMATIC S7-400 for instance to:

  • SIMATIC S7 and SIMATIC S5 programmable controllers, and systems from many other manufacturers

  • PCs, programming devices, hmi devices

  • Field devices

  • Scanners, bar code readers

  • Measuring systems

  • Scales, etc.


• Reduced start-up times due to the easy configuration with STEP 7
• Reduced downtimes and service times in the event of a fault through LED displays

Design and function

The CPs have a rugged plastic housing with LEDs for displaying operating states and faults. They show all advantages of the SIMATIC S7-300- Design, e.g.
• Compact design
• Easy installation
• User friendly wiring, etc.

Technical data

Communication processors

Point-to-point connection

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