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Controller Module FM 355-2

The expert in temperature control


The FM 355-2 is the specialized, backup-capable controller module for temperature control with integrated online self-optimization for SIMATIC S7-300, C7 and ET 200M.
It has four channels, and was specially developed for the control of temperature systems, whereby controllers with heating and active cooling can also be implemented and optimized.
Other loops with similar requirements can also be controlled.



  • Controller structures are, for the most part, preprogrammed and configurable, i.e. function blocks can be combined and interconnected as needed.

  • All functions essential to temperature control are integrated
    o Control algorithms specifically developed for temperature
    o Integriated online self-optimization
    o Control parameters are available at the step response turning point
    o Best available support for thermocouples

  • Backup capability

  • Enhanced precision when using thermocouples

  • Type B, E, J, K, R, S thermocouple connectable

  • Temperature compensation when using thermocouples:    
    o via external Pt100;         
    o internal temperature sensor;         
    o parameterized value.  

  • Graphic configuring with user-friendly parameter assignment screen forms

  • Extensive test functions as well as simulation options are available, and simplify commissioning and diagnostics

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