Cam Controller FM 352

Solves position or time-dependent tasks


The FM 352 electronic cam controller is a 1-channel module for solving position- or time-dependent tasks.
They are far superior to mechanical cam controllers, particularly thanks to their high level of flexibility.


  • Either an incremental encoder, an SSI encoder or a 24 V initiator can be connected.

  • 32 cam tracks can be read from the automation system's CPU.

  • 13 cam tracks can be output directly over integrated digital outputs

  • The module can be quickly adapted to the relevant cam control application by means of parameters.

  • The FM 352 off-loads the CPU thanks to autonomous, actual value-dependent setting and resetting of electronic cams

  • The FM 352 is used in the SIMATIC S7-300, C7 and ET 200M on S7 masters