High-Speed Boolean Processor FM 352-5


Ultra-high-speed binary logic operations and the fastest possible path-dependent switching operations combined with exceptionally little jitter - Those are the strengths of the SIMATIC FM 352-5 application module.
With a cycle time of only 1 µs, it is clearly superior to any conventional PLC CPU.
Whether you want to increase the machine cycles, produce products of the highest quality, or prevent machine or tool damage - the FM 352-5 is exactly the right choice.


  • Ultra-high-speed switching and logic operations

  • More productivity, less waste, fewer downtimes

  • FastConnect I/O terminals right on board:
    12 digital inputs 
    8 digital outputs
    1 position encoder (SSI, 5V and 24V incremental encoders)

  • Preprogrammed standard blocks shorten engineering time

  • Freely programmable in LAD and CSF with limited operations set using established standard STEP 7 software

  • For universal use in different control system configurations

  • Available in two different versions with current-sourcing or current-sinking outputs