Today users are using programs written in high-level languages, such as C/CC+, with SIMATIC controllers. Siemens has developed the new CPU 1518 ODK advanced controller and the SIMATIC ODK 1500S engineering package for this purpose.
The user generates his high-level language program with the Open Development Kit, and integrates it into the Step 7 program of the new controller, which is based on the currently most powerful CPU in the latest range of SIMATIC S7-1500 controllers. The new range allows existing technological know-how, such as algorithms written in C/C++, to be combined with the high-end controller technology from Siemens.

CPU 1518 ODK for high-performance applications with the option to program in C/C++ Code via ODK

CPU 1518-4 PN/DP ODK for high-performance application and shortest response time

• CPU with display
• Work memory 4 MB code and 20 MB data
• 1 ns bit operation time
• ODK-application for RT (C/C++ Code)
• PROFINET IO controller / IO device
• Integrated PROFINET interface with 2 ports for line structure, 1 PROFITNET RT interface with separated ip-address, 1 additional PROFINET interface (total of 4 ports)
• Additional PROFIBUS DP master interface
• Integrated technology functions: motion, control, counting and measuring
• Integrated system diagnostics
• OPC UA Server Data Access
• 4-level security concept
• Width: 175 mm

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