Product Announcement

Hochverfügbare CPUs

For Application which must fulfill high requirements in regards to availability, in the Q4/2018 the CPU1517H will be released.
Both controllers are connected to a PROFINET IO-ring, in order to access the IO-Stations. Both controllers synchronize each via dedicated synchronization modules. In case the primary CPU fails the back-up CPU takes over the control. No data will be lost and the process continues without interruption.
The ring architecture ensures in case of a cable fault that all network participants are still accessible.

The Engineering corresponds to Engineering of a standard CPU. The synchronization of the programs and data are handled by the TIA-Portal and the redundant controllers, no additional user action required.

High-Available CPUs for larger applications with high requirements in regards to availability

CPU 1517H-3 PN

• CPU with display
• Work memory 2 MB code and 8 MB data
• PROFINET IO-Controller
• Integrated PROFINET I/O interface with 2 ports for
ring structure and 1 PROFINET interface for Ethernet and PROFINET basic services with separate IP address
(in sum 3 ports)
• 2 slots for sync modules
• Integrated system diagnostics
• 4-level security concept
• Width: 210 mm