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Display for commissioning and diagnostics

  • Shorter downtimes thanks to plain-text diagnostic information on central and decentralized modules

  • Adaptation of customer-specific network settings without on-site programming

  • Display can be unplugged and plugged during operation

  • Password assignment for display operation via TIA Portal

  • Long service life of 50,000 operating hours

Performance 3x PN

PROFINET standard on every CPU

  • PN IRT (V2.2) ensures defined response times and highly precise machine behavior

  • Additional Ethernet interface on high-end CPU for optimum integration in plant network

  • Web server for simple display of service and diagnostic information

Innoviertes Speicherkonzept

Innovative memory concept

  • Sufficient memory for any application, regardless of industry

  • Flexible memory card concept for varying project sizes

  • High storage capacity: up to 2 GB card for project data, archives, recipes and documents

  • Optimized data modules for variably granular selection of values for remanent storage.

Diagnose in CPU

Optimized diagnostic concept

  • Efficient fault analysis using a uniform display concept for STEP 7, HMI, Web server, display on CPU

  • Consistently integrated system diagnostics, no additional project planning overhead even for machine expansion

  • No loss of system error messages, not even when CPU is in stop

STEP 7 language innovation

  • Completely symbolic programming for better comprehensibility

  • Enhanced compiler performance for shorter cycle times

  • Greater precision e.g. for technology thanks to support for all 64-bit data types in all IEC languages

  • Consistent download with all program changes

  • Simplification of complex mathematic operations thanks to the Calculate box in LAD and function plan

Compatibility/plug & play

  • Investment protection of existing know-how thanks to reusability of programs on all S7-1500 CPUs and integrated migration tool for existing S7 projects

  • Rapid, error-free identification of hardware through upload to Engineering

  • Service possible even without current project through complete project upload with symbols

Integrated technology

  • Integration of Standard Motion Control with flexible connection of all PROFIdrive-enabled drives

  • Standardized PLCopen components for simple project realization

  • TRACE: cycle-granular recording of up to 16 variables for precise optimization of control programs and drives

  • Recording in separate CPU memory area for simple localization of sporadic errors

  • Integrated PID controller for simple closed-loop control tasks: time savings thanks to optimized control parameter optimization for optimum control quality (PID controller)

  • PID Compact/PID 3-Step: continuous controller with analog or pulse width-modulated output and special step controller for external actuators (e.g. valves) with autotuning


Datalog (archive) and recipes

  • Easy access to all machine-relevant operating data using Office tools and via Web server

  • Easy access to machine configuration data via Web browser or SD card reader (bidirectional data interchange to and from controller)