S7-1500 Central processing units

The central processing units (CPUs) are the heart of the SIMATIC S7-1500.
They execute the user program and network the controller with other automation components.

The scope of Controllers ranges from standard and failsafe CPUs for small to midsize requirements, offering compact size designs with integrated inputs and outputs, supplemented with technological functions, all the way up to most demanding high performance applications.
For applications in the field of midrange motion control, technology CPUs support with extended motion control features. Wherever an integration of high level language C/C++ as PLC function or as self-contained application is needed, multifunctional platform CPUs come into play.

The following CPUs are available:

CPU Types

Special requirements regarding robustness or environmental conditions are covered with a separate SIPLUS device family.

Features and customer benefits

Thanks to numerous innovations, the CPUs of the SIMATIC S7-1500 deliver the ultimate plus in productivity and efficiency. The hardware is extremely compact. Highly integrated, highly versatile components and modules save space in the cabinet and reduce the spare parts inventory overhead.

New features for efficient commissioning and on-site diagnostics

  • Complete station uploading including the assignment of hardware parameters

  • Option handling in the central configuration

  • Shared I-Device

  • Language support for Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish and Korean on the display

  • Watch tables and force table directly on the display for fast on-site diagnostics