S7-1500 Communication Modules


Interfaces for communication via PROFINET and in part PROFIBUS DP as well are already integrated in the S7-1500 CPUs. Communication modules increase the communication capabilities of the
S7-1500 through additional communication functions or more interfaces.
Communication modules enhance flexibility and performance of automation solutions using the SIMATIC S7-1500/ET 200MP. Additional interfaces enable realization of complex automation structures or process optimization through connection to the enterprise management level.

Communication modules for data exchange using point-to-point coupling

Within a centralized architecture with SIMATIC S7-1500 as well as in decentralized architecture with SIMATIC ET 200MP PtP Communication Moules are employed. Serial interfaces can be used to connect e.g. barcode or RFID readers for non-contact data transmission.
Four communication modules are available for connecting automation components via serial interfaces.

Communication module for connecting to Industrial Ethernet

CP 1543-1

With high-performance communication functions and integrated security functionality, the CP 1543-1 communication module opens up additional areas of use for the S7-1500.

  • Secure connection to Industrial Ethernet via Stateful Inspection Firewall in addition to CPU password protection

  • Configurable access rights for local and remote access

  • Simple alarms via email and transmission of production data to control computer via FTP(S) file transfer

  • Flexible integration in IPv6-based infrastructure

  • Possibility of segmentation for constructing identical machines with the same IP addresses

  • Overall project planning – including security functionality – integrated in TIA portal

Communication module for connecting to PROFIBUS


The CM 1542-5 supports the functions PROFIBUS DP-Master and PROFIBUS DP-Slave according to international standard IEC 61158/61784. This module enables connection of PROFIBUS devices to S7-1500 controllers that do not have a PROFIBUS interface on the CPU

  • Simple expansion of the system using additional PROFIBUS strands

  • Separation of PROFIBUS subnets for separate automation tasks possible

  • Enhanced system performance by relieving the S7-1500 CPU of communication tasks

  • Connection of PROFIBUS slaves from external vendors

  • Cost-effective module replacement through network separation in the event of a failure

  • Project planning integrated in TIA Portal V12