Migration Packages


The migration from TELEPERM M automation systems to the AS 488/TM opens up opportunities for securing the ability to provide long-term maintenance and upgrade options for such units, and to complete a staged changeover to the new generation of technology in the form of decentralized SIMATIC peripherals on the PROFIBUS-DP.

The AS 488 S migration package for the migration from the AS 220 S/H, AS230/AS230K or the AS 235/AS 235 K/ AS 235 H to the AS 488/TM in cabinet form and the AS 488 K migration package for the migration from the AS 230 K / AS 235 K to the AS 488/TM in compact form both offer numerous opportunities for the modernizing and upgrading of existing units, while at the same time raising their AS performance.

We are offering you these migration packages with a defined scope of supply and service at a fixed price.

The connection of TELEPERM M I/O peripherals to the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system by means of the PCS7/TM-EA retrofit package is a constituent part of the TELEPERM M migration strategy and allows the customer to upgrade his control technology at the upper levels (automation systems, operator systems, engineering, batch process automation) while retaining existing process peripherals and the installed base in field use (I/O peripherals, instrumentation, actuators, sensors, field equipment, wiring and jumpering).