AS 488 K migration package

Scope of supply

The AS 488 K migration package consists of:

  • Compact system AS 488 K incl. system software

  • Standard retrofitting services

Standard retrofitting services

Service "Retrofitting AS 230 K or AS 235 K in AS 488 K"

  • Dismantling the complete AS 230 K/AS 235 K base system

  • Installing the AS 488 K in the system case or system cabinet, connection and commissioning

  • Transfer and adaptation of the user software on the basis of the standard modules, without checking the functionality of the software. The user software can be used further and is functionally compatible as long as it complies with the standards described in the manuals.

Additional services

Special customer wishes that go beyond the standard scope defined above can only be implemented by means of additional agreements. Previous retrofits have shown that specific additional services are always requested. In order to simplify the production of quotations and the associated calculations and also to improve the transparency of the costs, we have now defined the following packages that entail additional costs:

  • Implementation of I/O modules from the base system of the AS 230 K (max.3) or AS 235 K (max. 5) respectively in the MIG K compact migration rack and revised wiring of the associated process control signal cables

  • Revised planning for the change from CD to DI couplings

  • Structural analysis of the application for modules that are not permitted and structural errors

  • Documentation of the user software of the AS 23x by module sequence (by XB) with the help of PROGRAF AS/AS+

  • Modification of the housing structures in the AS 230 K-/AS 235 K retrofit and reworking of the CS 275 remote bus connection (if applicable)

  • Updated planning (SYST.WART) when connecting ET 100 or S5 peripherals

  • Planning and activating AG-AG coupling (additional hardware is required)

  • Planning and activating MODBUS coupling (additional hardware is required)

  • Basic installation PROFIBUSDP coupling (additional hardware is required)

  • Replanning and adapting an existing PROFIBUSDP coupling (additional hardware is required)