PCS7/TM-OS operator systems

The PCS 7/TM-OS Operator System based on the Operator Station of the SIMATIC PCS 7 can be used as a display and operation component for TELEPERM M automation systems through the use of various coupling packages:

  • AS 220 S, AS 220 H,

  • AS 215,

  • AS 230, AS 230 K,

  • AS 235, AS 235 K, AS 235 H,

  • AS 388/TM and AS 488/TM as well as

  • for SIMATIC AG S5-155U 

Communication with bus-coupled automation systems is done optionally via one of the two TELEPERM M CS 275 unit buses or PROFIBUS-TM. The PCS 7/TM-OS is suitable both for the use of older TELEPERM M Operator Systems as well for as for units upgrades and expansions.

The PCS 7/TM-OS can either be configured as a single-user system or as a multi-user system. The process control functions of all the system variants are identical.

In the case of complex unit structures with TELEPERM M components linked to CS 275 and PROFIBUS-TM bus segments and with unit parts in PCS 7 structures, the Client-Server principle of the PCS 7/TM-OS multi-user system provides the option to install one or more OS servers at each of the two bus segments and to connect the Operator Terminals to all the servers through a common terminal bus.

The Multi-Client functionality of the PCS 7-OS software means that any unit part can operated from an Operator Terminal, regardless of whether the server is operated via the CS 275, the PROFIBUS-TM or the SIMATIC PCS 7.

The PCS 7/TM-OS coupling packages include a channel DLL for bus-specific communication with the AS and for assistants designated as TM tools for planning support that was especially designed for the CS 275 unit bus or the PROFIBUS-TM.

The optional PCS 7/TM-OCX (NORA) programming package offer image modules (OCX):

  • for the standardized display of AS standard function modules in TELEPERM M-NORA layout,

  • for the standardized display of a number of AS standard function modules in PCS 7 layout,

  • for the standardized display of PCS 7 driver modules for the TELEPERM M I/O peripherals in TELEPERM M NORA layout (see retrofit package PCS 7/TM I/O for the connection of TELEPERM M I/O peripherals to the SIMATIC PCS 7).

The image modules for the display of AS standard function modules at various hierarchy levels (symbol display / group / circular image) are comparable with the standardized displays of OS 525 or with the layout of PCS 7 process images. They not only simplify image planning and make a significant contribution to speeding up the entire OS planning process.