PCS7/TM-EA retrofit package

Scope of supply

The PCS7/TM-EA retrofit package combines a PCS 7 automation system and the components required for the incorporation of TELEPERM I/O peripherals in a MIG II migration rack, which can be installed in the TELEPERM M cabinet of an existing AS 2xy instead of the module rack with the central unit.

The AS 2xy upgrade units / upgrade systems with the TELEPERM M I/O modules are connected to the AS 416/417 via I/O buses 1 and 2. Two I/O bus plugs are available for the connection, these being located on the back panel of the migration rack at the height of the right-hand side wall. Up to 5 TELEPERM M I/O modules can be plugged in into the migration rack itself (not applicable for AS 220 H/AS 235 H).

Concerning the system / unit-wide engineering of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system corresponding to the technical hierarchy of the unit, there is available a comprehensive engineering system that operates with a uniform project database. On the basis of this engineering system, it is possible to also plan with the SIMATIC S7 standard tools (Engineering Toolset) for TELEPERM M I/O peripherals that are incorporated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system via AS 416/417 automation systems. The specific driver modules and module type definitions that are required for this are a constituent part of the PCS7/TM-EA coupling package that is part of the retrofit package.

The PCS7/TM-EA coupling package includes a TPM 478-2 switching-in module for the physical connection of TELEPERM M I/O peripherals to the SIMATIC PCS 7 automation system and also the software components, the "PCS 7 library", "Operating software for FM 456-4" and "S7 object manager".

Image modules (OCX) for the standardized display of PCS 7 driver modules for TELEPERM M I/O peripherals on SIMATIC PCS 7 Operator Stations are provided through the optional PCS7/TM-OCX (NORA) programming package.

Retrofitting services

Service "Retrofitting a TELEPERM M AS 2xy in a AS 416/417 with TELEPERM M I/O peripherals"

Based on this retrofit package, we are offering as a service the retrofitting of a TELEPERM M AS 2xy automation system in a AS 416 or AS 417 with TELEPERM M I/O peripherals.

Scope of supply:

  • Dismantling the existing TELEPERM M AS 2xy

  • Installing the migration rack

  • Wiring the modules in the central part

  • Commissioning of the hardware

  • Creating the Boot Memory Card for the FM 456-4 on the Engineering System (ES) of the user

  • Installation of the S7 object manager for the TPM 478-2

  • Installation of the driver libraries on the ES of the user

  • Planning of modules in the TPM 478-2 (optional)

  • Test of the module addresses (optional)