AS 488/TM automation systems


The AS 488/TM automation system is based on SIMATIC M7 processor modules. They offer all advantages of a new hardware generation, and nevertheless possess the proven AS 235 functions with respect to the application software. AS 488/TM can be alternatively operated on the CS 275 plant bus or PROFIBUS.


If the performances of the new CPUs are compared with an AS 235, the AS 488/TM has approx. 150% to 270...300% depending on the M7-400 CPU used. These values permit a low-price introduction for applications with small quantity structures and also a significant reduction in processor loading by replacement of an AS 235 by a more powerful AS 488/TM in automation systems which have reached their performance limit as a result of continuous extensions to the application software.


The AS 488/TM ist available in various configurations (see the picture on top):

  • (1) as AS 488 in standard mounting technology for attachment at the rear as per the SIMATIC guidelines

  • (2) as AS 488 S cabinet system for installation in TELEPERM M cabinets with 19“ racks

  • (3) as AS 488 installed in SIMATIC PCS 7 cabinets (more info see SIMATIC PCS7 Add-ons)

  • (4) as AS 488 K compact system (corresponds to the mounting technology of the AS 235 K predecessor system)


The TELEPERM M and SIMATIC PCS 7 system cabinets are not a constituent part of the AS 488 S, but must be ordered separately as required. Detailed information see A&D-Mall under AS 488/TM or in our new Catalog PLT112

Existing TELEPERM M systems can be upgraded by simply replacing the basic subrack of the AS220, AS230 or AS235 by the so-called migration subrack with AS488/TM. The migration subrack contains the hardware required to adapt the new CPU to the system interfaces of the retained AScomponents. Retrofitted systems can be extended with additional process I/Os via PROFIBUS-DP.

The retrofitting of existing TELEPERMM AS230K or AS235K compact systems requires the complete replacement of these systems by functionally-compatible AS488K compact systems (see AS 488 K migration package).

A list of all TELEPERM M I/O modules which can be used with AS488/TM see under Support