TELEPERM M is a process control system that set standard up until the mid '90s. Despite various modernization measures numerous system components are beginning to show their age and no longer satisfy current day requirements. To be able to produce at a high quality level in the long-term, the changeover to a new system generation is unavoidable sooner or later.

The successor system SIMATIC PCS 7 has since established itself in all industries and is in a position to supersede TELEPERM M in every aspect. TELEPERM M can therefore be regarded as models due for discontinuation.

Up until the discontinuation of the product, the support of the installed TELEPERM M base shall continue to be maintained on a spare parts and repairs' basis.

A comprehensive migration offer that began as long ago as 1999 has eased the gradual transition to the new SIMATIC PCS7 system platform. With a view toward the product discontinuation of the TELEPERM I/O devices scheduled for 2014, the long-term maintenance of TELEPERM M system components for a currently pending migration project is, however, less attractive today than it was in the past. More and more users are opting to completely replace the installed base by SIMATIC PCS 7 system components with new software.