Automation TechnologyAutomation Technology


The graphic configuration introduced in 1993 with PROGRAF AS makes the engineering of the automation systems AS 230/230 K, AS 235/235 K/235 H much easier and more effective. During the further development via PROGRAF AS+ to PROGRAF AS+/NT the more recent automation systems AS 388/TM and AS 488/TM were also integrated into the engineering. With PROGRAF AS+/NT operating on a PC/PG on the plant bus, the user software of the named TELEPERM M automation systems can be graphically structured, tested, optimized and documented.

The configuration software PROGRAF OS, which was introduced at around the same time as PROGRAF AS, provides the user with an easy way of creating, changing and documenting the configuration data of TELEPERM M OS 262-2/-3/-3P and OS 265-3. It can be operated on a PC/PG (programming device) on the plant bus.

The engineering software AS/OS of the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system is used for the engineering of the PCS 7/TM-OS operator systems.