SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl

Intelligent integration: SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl brings together automation of central plants and monitoring of distributed process areas in a single control room. The advantages are quite obvious: joint operator control, convenient and simple data management, consistent engineering.


System architecture SIMATIC PCS 7 with SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl

SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl is based on powerful components that are optimally matched to form a flexible remote control system, allowing the integration of the remote control center for the RTUs in the process management and the engineering of the central SIMATIC PCS 7 system.

SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl provides the following features:

Distributed automation stations (remote terminal units – RTUs)

  • Based on SIMATIC RTU3030C with IEC / DNP3 interface and self-sufficient energy supply, for very small applications with up to 16 I/Os

  • Based on compact S7-1200 / S7-1200F with Modbus / IEC / DNP3 interface, also available in failsafe design for small applications from 30 up to 150 I/Os

  • Based on ET 200S with Modbus / IEC interface for cost-sensitive applications, 30 ... 200 I/O signals, also for extended temperature range

  • Based on S7-300 / S7-300F with Modbus / IEC / DNP3- / SINAUT interface, extremely flexible configuration, also with fail-safe design, 100 ... 2000 I/Os

  • Based on S7-400 / S7-400F with Modbus / IEC / DNP3- / SINAUT interface, also with fail-safe design, 500 ... 5000 I/Os

Operator stations:

  • Single stations or in client/server configuration

  • As "dedicated" TeleControl operator station, or "dual-legged" with a connection to SIMATIC PCS 7

Engineering station (integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7)

  • With basic library of TeleControl blocks, expandable with new block types via corresponding script execution

  • Supports mass data engineering similar to "Import/Export Wizard"

  • Avoids redundant entries, simple integration of third-party RTUs

Tailored communication:

  • SINAUT ST7 protocol

  • DNP3 protocol serial and TCP, international standard, easy integration of own and third-partyRTUs into a PCS 7 TeleControl solution

  • Time synchronization of RTUs, time stamping of messages and measured values in the RTU, data buffering in the RTU, chronological sorting of trends and messages after connection recovery

  • Modbus protocol international standard, simple integration of existing third-party RTUs in PCS 7 TeleControl IEC 870-5-101 (serial) and

  • IEC 870-5-104 (TCP) international standard, easy integration of an existing RTU infrastructure into a PCS 7 TeleControl solution

  • Cost-effective and direct integration of third-party RTUs in PCS 7 TeleControl

  • SIMATIC S7 EDC support for migration of SINAUT LSX / CS7, thereby protecting customer investment

Transmission media:

  • Communication is realized wireless via 2G, 3G, 4G or wired via ADSL and SHDSL.
    Suitable protective measures (among others IT-Security, e.g. network segmentation) have to be taken up to ensure a safe operation of the plant. You find further information about the topic of Industrial Security on the Internet under