Technology Libraries

Customized libraries complete the range of functions of the Advanced Process Library (APL) with specific technological functions and thereby support optimal adaptation to the requirements of your plant. The similar appearance and perfect interaction with the APL help you standardize your automation solution and further increase the level of integration in your plant.


With SIMATIC PCS 7 Technology Libraries, you can integrate the status monitoring of mechanical components in your process control system: With new function blocks for the monitoring of mechanical assets such as pumps, valves or heat exchangers, convenient monitoring and analysis becomes possible. This extends your existing asset management to include important components – without the need for a separate system! In this way, you create the basis for comprehensive status monitoring of your plant. With the Condition Monitoring Library, you create the basis for preventive maintenance and avoid unplanned downtimes and failures. You can operate and monitor your assets in the optimum operating state and thus reduce the maintenance and energy costs of your plant.

  • In future, make SIMATIC PCS 7 the basis for the automated monitoring, open-loop and closed-loop control of technical building systems such as the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technology. Using the function blocks from the Industry Library, this is totally easy. Coordinate several ventilators according to availability, or implement step controllers with variable speeds. Measure and analyze the current energy consumption, humidity, or the current power consumption at your devices.
    Communication blocks enable the standardized communication between PCS 7 Controller and S7-1500 with TIA-Portal. This ensures easy project planning and fast fault detection.

  • In addition, the Industry Library fully supports the use of SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels. These on-site control units ensure accurate and detailed display of process pictures, guarantee a fast screen refresh rate, and offer various interfaces such as Ethernet and USB. The homogeneous integration into your SIMATIC PCS 7 system landscape is supported by a uniform operating policy and the same look and feel.

Tested libraries with technological blocks complete the core of the process control application in your plant and support you in a requirement-based adaptation to your automation task.

Industry Library

  • Expansion of the APL standard library by characteristic industry functions

  • Comprehensive, similar appearance and system-compliant behavior

  • Increase the degree of integration and efficiency of plants

  • Grouping functions of proven industry-specific libraries

Condition Monitoring Library (CML)

  • Expansion of the APL standard library with functions for monitoring of pumps and control valves

  • Monitoring and analysis of mechanical plant components through intelligent evaluation of measured values already available in the control system

  • The design and philosophy of the Condition Monitoring Library functions and faceplates correspond to those of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Library.