For industry-specific solutions, the SIMATIC PCS 7 Industry Library (IL) as an add-on product extends the standard functionality of the Advanced Process Library through functions characteristic to each industrial sector. It provides module icons and faceplates in APL look and feel and thus contributes to an overall harmonised solution for process control tasks in automation requirements for sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, water / waste-water, glass, solar, and oil & gas. In addition, it also supports the operation and monitoring using touch panels and the integration of SIMATIC S7 Package Units into SIMATIC PCS 7 applications.



Perfect interaction: Block libraries offer the right solution for many applications – with the same look & feel.

The functionality of the SIMATIC PCS 7 Industry Library is divided into two separately installable sub-libraries and can be categorised as follows:

1.Industry Library for SIMATIC PCS 7 for functional extension of the Advanced Process Library:

  • Panel integration for standard PCS 7 APL modules from Version 8.0

  • Multiple control room concept for PCS 7 and panel

  • Modules for heating / ventilation / air conditioning (HVAC)

  • Technology modules (e.g.: setpoint switch, timer, equipment assembly switches, polygon)

  • Communication between redundant and non-redundant controllers and with S7-300

A typical system configuration in SIMATIC PCS 7 for a multiple-control concept with five levels.

2.Industry Library for SIMATIC S7 for integrating Package Units that are based on S7-300 controllers:

  • Library of technological modules for S7 including symbols and faceplates in APL look and feel

  • Panel integration for "IL for S7" – suitable for the technological modules

  • Equipment assembly/ unit switch-over

  • Modules for heating / ventilation / air conditioning (HVAC)

  • Communication with Package Units (Black Box)

The operation and monitoring on one panel can be configured with the panel interface modules from both sub-libraries. Configuration is carried out in the CFC with only one connection to the technological module (e.g.: a motor). Taking account of operating rights and hierarchical control concepts (multi control concept), the technological function can then be operated from an operator station, as well as from a touch panel.

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