The SIMATIC PCS 7 Condition Monitoring Library (CML) provides blocks for economic monitoring and analysis of mechanical assets (plant components such as pumps, valves, etc.) that increase efficiency and availability and detect possible damages as early as possible.

The CML blocks in APL style fit perfectly into the process pictures based on APL.

The PumpMon block can be used for electric centrifugal pumps as well as for constant and variable-speed pumps.

It offers the following functions:

  • Visualization of the current pump operating point in relation to the pump characteristic curve

  • Early detection of imminent pump damages and warning of pump damages in case of unfavorable operating states

  • Optimization of pump design through statistical evaluation of operating data

The VlvMon block is suitable for infinitely adjustable valves with position feedback.

Its functions are:

  • Support of maintenance through detection and monitoring of wear-related movement data (added movement distance, number of direction changes)

  • Early detection of imminent valve damages (e.g., deposits or caking, wear) through monitoring of reaction times and flow characteristic curves

  • Warning of valve damages when approaching wear limits or unfavorable operating states, for example, continuous operation without valve standstill, permanent standstill, exceeding the maximum number of strokes or the maximum number of direction changes