The Industry Library, as collection of different technological libraries, includes functions for effective implementation of a variety of process control tasks such as:

  • Control system compliant automation of package units or remote terminal units with SIMATIC S7-300 controllers

  • Local operation through touch panels with appearance and behavior of SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Implementation of multiple-control designs with several hierarchy levels of local operation all the way to higher-level control rooms

  • Building automation in industrial environment, such as clean room, heating / ventilation / air conditioning (HVAC)

The Condition Monitoring Library provides economic monitoring and analysis of mechanical assets, plant components such as pumps, valves, etc., with the goal of increasing efficiency and availability of the plant and detecting possible damages as early as possible.

The SIMATIC PCS 7 Condition Monitoring Library includes the following blocks

  • PumpMon for monitoring of centrifugal pumps

  • VlvMon for monitoring of control valves