The Engineering Database (DBA) toolset of PCS 7 OPEN OS provides the basis for the integration. The controllers to be integrated can thus be quickly and easily implemented compliant to SIMATIC PCS 7.

DBA Functions:

  • Type editor for mapping and creating functional blocks of third-party systems

  • Structure and tag definition of programmable logic controllers

  • Automatic creation of messages and assignment of the priority classes

  • Export/import for bulk data processing

  • Definition and classification of the corresponding picture objects on the management level

  • Creation of trend displays with the process tags to be archived

More DBA functions:

  • Online scripting for additional functions, executable at runtime

  • Multi-project engineering, division into several DBA projects

  • TH synchronization for existing PCS 7projects

Handling package units:

The preparer can create the package units once in PCS 7 OPEN OS and deliver it as an OS typical on CD or per download. The local project engineer only needs to import the typical and use it to generate the instances according to the number of units. Afterwards, the package units can be visualized in SIMATIC PCS 7 process pictures. This means the package unit solution can be re-used for other projects.