Interfacing IT systems

Applications and options

To survive in today’s market, you need to keep your eye on the competition. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) used on the management level play a key role here. OpenPCS 7 provides a direct interface between the control system and MES: A server enables you to make the process data from SIMATIC PCS 7 available to higher-level systems for production planning, process data analysis and management.


  • The OpenPCS 7 server collects data distributed over various SIMATIC PCS 7 stations (OS server, central archive server CAS) for the OPC clients; the distribution of data depends on the system configuration. This means all data are available from a single OPC interface, regardless of the storage location, time period or architecture (e.g. redundancy).

The OpenPCS 7 interface is based on the OPC specifications for communication between applications that mainly use Microsoft’s DCOM technology (Distributed Component Object Model). It supports the following standardized access options:

  • OPC DA/OPC UA DA (Data Access-Server)

  • OPC HDA (Historical Data Access-Server)

  • OPC A&E (Alarm & Events-Server)

  • OPC "H" A&E (Historical Alarm & Events-Server)

  • OLE-DB

Your advantages at a glance

  • Trouble-free dialog between process control and production or management levels

  • Standardized data access according to OPC specification

  • A wide variety of aggregate and filter functions provide easy access to historic data

  • High transparency for safe decisions