Improve your product yield and quality with higher-order closed-loop control functions: The APC block library provides standard solutions for even more automation tasks. For example, it contains the model-predictive multivariable controller MPC 10x10 that supplements the existing MPC 4x4 block and also offers extended functionality. The controller now handles up to 10 manipulated and controlled variables, enabling demanding multivariable control tasks to be performed with ease: Use it, for example, to operate distillation columns to their best effect in terms of product yield and energy input, without the need for third-party solutions.

The "Kalman filter" block is based on physical, chemical and biological equations. Measured data are reconciled with the real process in parallel. In this way, quality variables can be controlled and optimized. Model-based guidance enables KPI calculation and process monitoring.

The Advanced Process Library in SIMATIC PCS 7 incorporates numerous innovations and extensions, such as ergonomic image modules and new APL diagnosis and channel blocks. It also has the extended Multi-Variable Control (MPC) und a pump diagnosis module. The APL provides greater flexibility in imaging and is a big plus in usability.