Screenshot of MPC in a typical application

Our ground-breaking concept provides you with APC functions for a wide range of applications in plants of all sizes and industries, e.g. closed-loop control of reactors, distillation controls and coupled systems, as well as control of start, load and product changeover processes, etc.

The typical areas of application include:

  • Monitoring of control quality,especially in large plants with many control loops, e.g. in refineries

  • PID tuning: Optimization for all PID controllers (in any application)

  • Dynamic feedforward control, e.g. for temperature control of an industrial furnace (feedforward: flow control)

  • Override control

  • Primary process variable: Flow control/secondary process variable: Pressure limitation (for safety reasons!)

  • Controlled adaptation, e.g. for temperature control of boilers

  • Smith predictor for control of analyzed values (due to analysis dead time)

  • Model-based predictive Control (MPC), e.g. in two-material distillation (2 x 2 applications)

Comparison of the control structure of a dryer: PID versus MPC

Advantages of using the MPC integrated in SIMATIC PCS 7 in a steam-operated dryer:

  • Disturbances can be compensated much faster, i.e. the setpoint is reached again faster

  • The manipulated variable demonstrates much less oscillation

  • Due to the non-oscillating manipulated variable, less compressed air is used for the control valve

  • Due to the improved control response, less heating steam is used in the dryer