Switchgear automation with SIMATIC PowerControl

Two worlds, one system: SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl is our solution to integrating switchgear automation in process industries. It enables the integration of process automation and automation of electrical switchgear for medium voltage in one single control system. The advantage to plant operators: significant cost savings over the entire life cycle of the plant.


Intelligent electrical devices (IEDs), such as SIPROTEC protective devices or interoperable third-party devices, are used for automating switchgear, i.e. for protection, control, measuring and monitoring operations in electrical energy transmission and distribution. IEDs are integrated into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system via Ethernet TCP/IP communication with the IEC 61850 transmission protocol for protection and control technology in electrical plants.

Integration in SIMATIC PCS 7 is supported by´technological blocks corresponding to the electrical equipment e.g.:

  • Feeders

  • Motors

  • Generators

  • Busbars

  • Synchronization devices

  • Differential protection

You can control, switch, measure and automate typical large consumers in your process using these blocks for electrical equipment, e.g.:

  • Large drives

  • Extruders, mixers

  • Power blowers

  • Crushers, mills

  • Compressors, pumps

  • Electrolysis, electroplating

  • Large centrifuges

  • Building supply

The most important performance features of SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl for integrating switchgear automation into

SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering

  • Object library with function blocks, icons, and faceplates

  • Object-oriented type/instance concept

  • Automatic generation of the objects for the operator station

  • Integration of new IEDs by importing their IEC 61850 Device Description (ICD)

SIMATIC PCS 7 process control

  • Faceplates for SIPROTEC protective devices in SIMATIC PCS 7 APL style

  • Standardized behavior in the case of alarms, messages, and operator control and monitoring

  • Diagnostics functionality for every IED

  • Library of technological objects for electrical equipment