Switchgear automation with SIMATIC PowerControl

Two worlds, one system: SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl is our solution to integrating switchgear automation in process industries. It enables the integration of process automation and automation of electrical switchgear for medium voltage in one single control system. The advantage to plant operators: significant cost savings over the entire life cycle of the plant.


Depending on requirements, plant size and availability request, the integration of Intelligent Electronic Devices, e.g.: SIPROTEC protective devices or interoperable third-party devices can be performed directly on the plant bus via a station controller or a PCS 7 Controller S7-400H with (redundant) station gateway.

The integration of IEC 61850 protective devices can be carried out in different ways: straight at the plant bus, via a Station Gateway or with an own Station Controller.

The seamless integration into the SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering now allows object-oriented project planning for automation of switchgear including:

  • object library of functional modules, symbols and faceplates with the accustomed SIMATIC PCS 7 APL Look and Feel

  • technological library for electrical equipment (e.g.: feeder , motor, generator, transformer, power line)

  • automatic generation of objects for the operator station and

  • easy integration of new IEDs by importing their IEC 61850 device description (ICD)

  • Flexibility through integration of an existing PROFIBUS infrastructure.

In operation, this integration allows the use of basic control system functions such as:

  •  the archiving of process values and messages

  • time synchronization of communication devices

  • alarm management system with time-stamping at source

  • processing of events in the correct sequence and

  • standardized user management as regards access rights.