Switchgear automation with SIMATIC PowerControl

Two worlds, one system: SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl is our solution to integrating switchgear automation in process industries. It enables the integration of process automation and automation of electrical switchgear for medium voltage in one single control system. The advantage to plant operators: significant cost savings over the entire life cycle of the plant.


In many process plants, large electrical consuming devices with high energy consumption are in use, for instance large drives, heavy fans, compressors, pumps, mills and crushers, large centrifuges, electrolysis and electroplating plants or power supply to buildings. Integrating them takes place via medium-voltage switchgear which controls, switches and automates the individual consumers by means of devices for protection and control functions (Intelligent Electronic Devices - IEDs) based on the standard protocol IEC 61850. In practice generally so far, different systems have been used for monitoring and controlling the switchgear on the one hand, and the actual process control systems on the other hand. With SIMATIC PCS 7 PowerControl now the switchgear can be integrated in homogeneous manner in the SIMATIC PCS 7 distributed control system, creating a uniform system platform for process and power supply. This is freely scalable: from the simple visualization of the protective devices in small systems up to highly available integration of electrical load consuming devices for large systems.