Material management

The materials management is composed of the material master data management and the material lot management. Material master data management supplies the material properties for the AS and OS. An OS editor is available to conveniently cre-ate, edit and delete material master data. The same applies for the editing of material lots. They can also be created or deleted by the automation system, however.

Parameter management

The module parameter management offers an interface for loading and synchroniz-ing data as well as an OS editor for editing the parameter records. It supplies the parameter data for the AS and OS. A special faceplate can be used to display the current parameter record in OS operating screens. The displayed parameters can be normalized or recalculated using the faceplate.

Order management

The elementary task of this module is to manage the orders (order data records) in an order list. The defined interfaces allow orders to be created and controlled via defined interfaces using the OS or AS. This can also be implemented from the IT layer for the project.

Storage location management

This module coordinates the storage locations and takes care of tasks such as the synchronization of setpoint and actual values or posting and clearing materials and material lots (including partial quantities). The storage location management offers a search function to quickly find storage locations according diverse selection criteria.

Archive management

The archive management can be used for the module material, parameter, and task management. The creation, update, or deletion of archive data records is done using function blocks in the AS. The archive data records can be automatically exported and saved, time-controlled for example.