The use of predefined APF simplifies the configuration of automation systems which have dosing, mixing, and stirring as important parts of the technological process. APF can significantly reduce costs over the complete life cycle of a plant. APF consists of system-tested software modules, which have proved to be highly reliable in use. They are seamlessly integrated in the SIMATIC PCS 7 environment and offer a runtime interface as well as access to SIMATIC BATCH, the high-performance batch management tool. APF integrates simple requirements and allows the creation of batches with parameters in SIMATIC BATCH as well as the automatic material synchronization between both tools.

Batch processes can be automated using simple recipe structures (lists or parameter recipes) by means of the APF editors and function blocks. The design of operating screens is done with APF faceplates and SIMATIC BATCH OCX controls. APF saves the information in so-called user archives. This allows master data to be con-veniently managed, results data to be archived and evaluated via predefined OS displays on the SIMATIC PCS 7 operator station, and makes it easy to create reports.

Primary advantages of APF:

  • Rational, system-wide engineering

  • Fast commissioning

  • Broad-based implementation spectrum throughout the production area

  • Long-term investment security