Advanced Process Graphics

Increasingly complex process plants pose an enormous challenge to operating personnel. For this reason, it is important for relevant process information to be available and for plant conditions and operational parameters to be displayed in the control room in a clear, simple, and well-arranged manner. Only in this way can the correct decisions be made and the appropriate measures taken quickly. For effective process control, APG offer hybrid displays, trend curves, and Kiviat charts that provide information instead of data to operators.

The following functions are implemented in SIMATIC PCS 7 Advanced Process Graphics:

  • Hybrid display with bar graph and process tag status information

  • Bar graph without process tag status information

  • Spider chart with variable number of value axes

  • Display of trends in one screen, combinable with bar graph

The visualization with the APG objects is based on data collected by the APG Connector block in the automation system. The APG objects can be easily connected to a process tag using a dynamic wizard.

The graphic objects of the APG are oriented to the design and the operating philosophy of the PCS 7 Advanced Process Library. For implementation of I&C tasks, APL and the Advanced Process Graphics can be combined to develop harmonious overall solutions.

Group view

To considerably reduce the load on users, it is possible to simply group together individual process tags directly from the process screens of SIMATIC PCS 7. Often, users like to have a concurrent overview of multiple measuring points that are especially important for certain standard scenarios. With the grouping option this is easy to accomplish. This function is very helpful particularly when plants/plant sections are started up, because all steps can be monitored together on one single screen. Besides that, it is also possible to execute operations directly in the group view, so the operator can quickly intervene in processes.