SIMATIC PCS 7 with Safety Integrated

Efficient safety technology perfectly integrated: With SIMATIC Safety Integrated you can fully integrate a safety instrumented system (SIS) into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system – flexible yet standardized.


The combination of SIMATIC Safety Integrated and the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system opens up the advantages of an innovative concept: reducing the required space, hardware and wiring as well as the assembly, installation and engineering effort results in significant cost savings over the entire lifecycle of the plant.

  • Comprehensive range of products and services for safe, fault-tolerant and high availability applications

  • Homogenous integration of safety technology into the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system:
    - Processing of basic process control functions and safety functions in one controller: Safety level SIL 3, AK 6 possible with only one CPU
    - Standard and safety-related communication between controller and I/O peripherals via a common fieldbus – PROFIBUS or PROFINET with PROFIsafe, no separate safety bus is necessary
    - Mixed operation of standard and safety-related F modules in ET 200M/S stations
    - End-to-end data management for basic process control and safety-related automation, including process visualization and diagnostics – no complex data handling

  • Integration of safety-related applications into the convenient process visualization on the SIMATIC PCS 7 operator station

  • Configuration of safety functions is part of the end-to-end system configuration with the SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering system

  • Safety Matrix for the creation of safety functions without special programming know-how

  • Automatic consideration of safety-relevant fault messages in the process visualization – with identical time stamp

  • End-to-end diagnostics and maintenance from the sensor/actuator to the automation system to the operator system

  • Integration of safety technology into the diagnostics and maintenance with the SIMATIC PCS 7 asset management

  • Minimization of total lifecycle costs

  • Tight integration into SIMATIC PCS 7 results in shorter engineering times, higher operating performance and lower total maintenance costs.

  • Flexible Modular Redundancy™ provides scalable, cost-effective solutions – with the ability to implement multiple fault tolerance levels exactly where they are required for your application

  • The Safety Integrated fieldbus technology allows for certified, fail-safe communication between CPUs, distributed safety peripherals and safety-related process instruments

  • Reduction of costs for hardware, mounting, wiring, installation, engineering, and commissioning as the level of integration increases

  • Low familiarization and training effort thanks to uniform system/tool landscape

  • Cost-effective stocking of spare parts through reduction of types and parts