Safety Matrix: Assigning precisely defined reactions (effects) to occurring events (causes)

SIMATIC Safety Matrix, the powerful cause & effect tool for process automation enables significantly faster and more convenient configuration of safety applications. Based on the proven principle of a cause & effect matrix, it is ideally suited for processes in which specific states require specific safety responses. In the risk analysis of a plant, the design engineer can assign exactly defined reactions (effects) to events (causes) occurring in the course of a process. No special programming skills are required; the design engineer can focus fully on the safety requirements of the plant.

Viewer of the Safety Matrix on a SIMATIC PCS 7 operator station

SIMATIC Safety Matrix also offers advantages during the operation phase: The viewer of the SIMATIC Safety Matrix run on the SIMATIC PCS 7 operator station provides simple and intuitive operation and monitoring of the safety application during operation. The signal status is shown online in the Cause & Effect Matrix.