SIMATIC Route Control

The efficient "navigation system" for your system: SIMATIC Route Control enhances the SIMATIC PCS 7 process control system with an industry-neutral system for configuration, control, monitoring and diagnostics of material handling.


SIMATIC Route Control integrates itself homogeneously in the HMI strategy and engineering of SIMATIC PCS 7 and can be added to SIMATIC PCS 7 projects at any time. It also offers:

  • Modular architecture

  • Scalable hardware and software components for single and multi-user systems

  • Homogeneous integration into engineering and HMI strategy of SIMATIC PCS 7

  • Compatible with SIMATIC BATCH

  • Redundant Route Control server for high availability

  • Automatic calculation of shifted quantities

  • Recording of route reports with filter functions, screen and print output

  • Detailed diagnostics of material transport request errors and current material transport

The design of a SIMATIC PCS 7 system with Route Control (RC) can be flexibly adapted to the structure of the plant and the size of the project, namely:

  • Combined with the operator system on one workplace (single station)

  • Combined on one OS server (also redundant) in a client-server-architecture

  • As stand-alone RC server (also redundant) in a client-server-architecture

Route Control engineering is generally performed on the SIMATIC PCS 7 engineering station.