Mixing materials - blending:

  • Different materials are mixed as they are transferred from two or more source tanks to a destination tank at the same time.

  • Discharge quantities/volumes are automatically calculated and monitored during the transfer.

Cascaded transfers:

Material transfer is performed simultaneously via two or more routes (monitoring of fill levels with regard to overfill/underfill).

Parallel transfers:

  • Material transfer from multiple source tanks to multiple destination tanks with automatic, bumpless switching from source and destination ("on the fly")

  • Monitoring of fill levels: Transfer should be automatically terminated or the tank should be switched at overshoot/undershoot of the fill level.

Cleaning in place (CIP):

Cleaning of the pipes, valves, pumps because of:

  • Material incompatibility (chemical reaction)

  • Contamination from previous product

  • Disinfection

  • Curing agents

Tank farm:

  • Tank farm with a greater number of source and destination tanks and multiple routes

  • High flexibility in the route network, alternative routes also have to be considered

Solid material transfer via conveyor belts:

  • Several different materials are on different belts at the same time

  • Material can be changed without stopping the belts

  • Typical boundary conditions:
    Double conveyor belts
    Bunkers with different products