SIMATIC Route Control masters simple transport routes as well as complex route networks. SIMATIC Route Control is especially predestined for plants with numerous branching pipelines or extensive tank farms such as those found in the chemical, petrochemical or food and beverage industries.

Preferred applications:

  • Plants in the medium and upper performance range with an extensive route/pipeline networks

  • Frequent conversion and extension of the route network including actuators and sensors Transport routes with high flexibility:
    - Constantly changing materials
    - Dynamic specification of the source and destination of the material transport
    (including reverse direction with bidirectional transport routes)

  • Numerous simultaneous material transports

  • Plant projects in combination with SIMATIC BATCH





Coal conveyors

Simultaneous transfer, one material per conveyor belt, continuous transfer


Blood plasma storage and transfer

Disinfect pipelines, time-based pipeline cleaning


Color pigment mixing units

Product transfer under high pressure (pipeline)

Lime kilns, conveyors, warehouse, polyresins, paraformaldehyde

Variety of materials (differing lime quality) simultaneous on conveyor belt / one material per conveyor belt
Long conveyor belts, no stopping of conveyor belts during material change

Oil & Gas

Loading, mineral oils, ship loading/unloading

Source-destination change "on the fly"

Food & Beverages

Edible oils, soft drinks, yogurt
Cocoa solids and butter
Grains, malt, grain mills, food starch

Highly flexible transfer, search for alternate routes
Soft drinks: mixing during transfer
Grains transfer = liquid transfer
Strength: high pressure in tank -> short response times of software & valves