Network faults or bad network connections can have a negative impact on the speed of the Web client. SIMATIC PCS 7 offers simple and fast remote access via the Web with Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). RDP allows OS clients to be represented and operated on a simple terminal device, for example a thin, PDA or RDP client with Microsoft and RDP protocol installation. The Web server and terminal server can be installed and operated on one computer.

The Web clients installed on the terminal server enable access to the Web server applications. Web clients which enable access to multiple applications running on a Web server run on the terminal server. Terminal sessions for the thin clients are opened on the terminal server. Thanks to current Microsoft IT security installations, remote access via RDP is very secure. The terminal devices are maintenance-friendly and do not need to be continually updated – the maintenance work is transferred to the central system. Central changes on the terminal server are subsequently available on each terminal device.