Fast Track Engineering

In this tutorial, we show you on the basis of a standardized project how to use SIMATIC PCS 7 for your automation solution. We are using a distillation column and an associated tank storage as a sample plant. In the first section, we focus on typical customer requirements for automation solutions. Then we will show you in a schematic representation what the typical project in an automation solution can look like. Then we take a closer look at the individual project phases and show you how SIMATIC PCS 7 supports you in all phases after the specification phase. This tutorial serves as an introduction and largely dispenses with detailed and background information. We assume that you have basic knowledge of SIMATIC PCS 7.

Requirements and Solutions

In this section, we will show you which requirements are typical for an automation project

  • Customer requirements

  • Methods for meeting the requirements

  • Implementing solutions with SIMATIC PCS 7

Project Execution

The engineering tools of SIMATIC PCS 7 provides a standardized, controllable and cost-saving project execution. We introduce this project execution in this tutorial.

Specification Phase

In this section, you will become familiar with some typical contents of requirement specifications an implementation guidelines. We will show you typical contents of a requirement and a feature specification as an example.

Bulk Engineering Operator Control and Monitoring

In this section, we will show you the second part of the "Bulk Engineering" project phase.

  • Plant pictures

  • Alarm engineering

Technology components

In addition to the standard components, additional components may be necessary, depending on the requirement of your automation project.

  • Technology components

  • SIMATIC Route Control

  • Safety integrated


  • Advanced Process Control

  • SIMATIC PCS 7 TeleControl

Factory Acceptance Test

In the last project phase, the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), you test your automation solution. You use S7-PLCSIM for simulation of PCS 7 projects.

  • Testing without controller hardware

  • Simulation of actuators

  • Simulation of sensors

  • Comparing project versions