The SIMATIC Logic Matrix makes the engineering of interlocks refreshingly convenient and simple: The parameters for interlock functions are parametrized in an editor, according to the cause-and-effect principle. This way planners, operators and inspectors obtain a standardized view and a common understanding of all interlock functions – programming skills are completely unnecessary! Engineering is very efficient, and bulk data interconnection options as well as import and export mechanisms mean that shutdown parameters in SIMATIC PCS 7 can be quickly adapted. Use of the Logic Matrix accelerates the engineering and translates into a reduction in testing times in acceptance procedures for the implemented automation tasks.

Furthermore the Logic Matrix integrates seamlessly into the Look & Feel of the controls of SIMATIC PCS 7: Process-relevant events and alarms are transmitted to the operator system and integrated in the message system. Options are added to face plates to access the Logic Matrix directly. Now the operator can jump directly from the Matrix to the event at the process tag in the process image. At the same time, all interdependencies with other measuring points are clearly depicted. Use the SIMATIC Logic Matrix for:

  • Efficient interconnection of interlock states in any production plant.

  • Quick and secure creation, even of large quantity structures.

  • Easy user guidance and logical depiction of plant states.

  • Intuitive user guidance to avoid plant downtimes.